Glen and Joanne's Christmas Letter 2014

Dear Friends,

Another year has passed and we are a little older and wiser.

The light of our busy lives is our grandson- Hamish. He turned 2 in May and he continues to grow and have new words each day. We are lucky enough to have him in our lives on a weekly basis so we get to see each new development firsthand.

He loves walks around our city block, building towers with his blocks, racing up and down the hallway and his TRUCK.

He sleeps with a truck! Hardly lets it out of his sight.

The law business continues to grow at a pace and now we employ 5 people in our little business.

While all the big firms are slowing down we are speeding up!

It keeps both of us very busy but it is enjoyable too. I have learnt so much about computers and office management! Glen is still enjoying the break from the big firm.

He also sits on the EPA and the Waste Authority Boards.

Rory has teamed up with delightful Clare and he is almost ready to hand in his Honours thesis to complete his History degree. Then it will be onto a Doctorate for him next year in his first love – History.

Clare is a student still too. She will complete her Honours in Anthropology and Law next year and then she plans to do her Doctorate too.

They are travelling to the US with us in December and also onto the UK next year sometime with Clare’s Mum.

Lou and Rupert still live in Mosman Park, though we are told that they may be moving nearer to us sometime.

Rupert is working very hard in soft ware development and Louise is enjoying her Hamish.


In his spare time, Glen continues to be involved in the Church and this year they chose a new Dean for Perth.

I am still a guide at the Art Gallery in my spare time and am helping to organise a conference of guides from all over Australia for 2017.

Glen’s dad is 92 and slowing up somewhat.

Glen’s brother  Jamie has moved back from Thailand to be his carer so he can continue to live at home.

My Mum and Dad are still very busy but a few ailments have slowed them this year

Angus did a whistlestop tour around Australia before he went to live in New York. He has been there about a year now and we are going there to visit him in

December for three weeks. He is working for an internet start up company.

He is working very hard but claims to love living in New York. 

We will check it out SOON.

Very best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and every good wish for a Happy New Year.  With love from Joanne, Glen, Louise, Rupert and Hamish, Angus, Rory and Clare.